Vegetable raw materials

Herbal drugs made from dried leaves, herbs, flowers, fruits, seeds, bark, rhizomes and roots of plants.
Due to the presence in medicinal plants with special chemical compounds are determined by its pharmacological properties. Such compounds are called active ingredients.

Do not forget that every synthetic drug not only treats, but also has very serious side effects on other organs. The effects on the body as a whole, from such side effects can be irreversible. For this reason, we recommend safer ways of treatment, for example such that have been accessed by our ancestors, where, for every sore – a different set of herbs. The collection of several kinds of herbs makes it easier to achieve the desired effect of herbal medicine, thereby speeding up the healing process.

Using for the treatment of diseases by traditional medicine, much faster You will save yourself and your family from illness. Also, You will have the ability to do without expensive and harmful drugs. The wisdom of the ancestors and the healing properties of our nature back to health and help to gather new strength for You and your family.

Produced and sold by us goods will help You in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Those medicinal plants that grow in our ecologically clean regions, we provide not only overall, but in powdered form.

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