Preparation and storage

Fresh wild medicinal plants we harvest from the forest and only in ecologically clean regions. Such areas include the Carpathian, Carpathians, Volyn, Polissya, Podillya. Plants in these areas we collect through the points of reception from the local population. After the collection and transportation of the products are sent for recycling to the drying lines.

Ready-to-use medicinal herbs, berries, vegetables, fruits, and roots, including dry powders from them, obtained through the application of methods of vacuum-sublimed or convective drying. Our company engaged in procurement and production of whole and crushed fruits, berries, spices, aromatic herbs and vegetables.

Due to the processing of raw materials, by means of convective drying, the product is retained up to 95% of the nutrients.

In order to maximally preserve the useful properties of wild berries, fruits, medicinal herbs and other useful plants used method of preservation by drying products. The most common method of drying today – that is convective drying. When the heat transfer of the product occurs due to the energy of the heated air.

The longest period for collection and processing of medicinal herbs falls in the summer. The main objective in the procurement of the plants to preserve their therapeutic properties. That is, to freeze the activities of enzymes which may beneficially influence the degradation of useful properties. After a special drying of medicinal plants, their active constituents remain practically the same amount as before treatment, and with proper storage will continue to be useful up to a year and a half.

Proper drying of medicinal plants may occur only in special conditions:

Dry ventilated room;
Outdoor air and warm, dry weather in spring and summer;
Ventilated room with a stable artificial heating, where each type of plant chosen has its own particular temperature.
All of our herbs and berries are picked by hand and prepared in compliance with technological processes, therefore, we fully guarantee the high quality of medical products which we postaciami. Wild medicinal plants require proper transportation, storage conditions and compliance with deadlines.

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